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About Us and the Animals

We are a small family living in rural France trying our best to live in an eco responsible, sustainable way. Our semi self-sufficient smallholding is mostly off-grid, we grow organic food for us and for the animals and we manage and harvest all our home’s fuel requirements. The animals play a key part of the cycle whether it’s providing endless compost to nourish ours and their food garden, harrowing/land maintenance, pulling in the wood harvest, using horse drawn vehicles to do local recycling trips or simply just being themselves and hanging out enjoying cuddles.

Our animals are absolutely family to us and receive the best of care and are kept in a natural way with access to woodland, pasture and open shelter. They all have such fantastic, individual personalities and are able to interact with each other freely. Clients and friends that visit are always surprised that our different species often live together in harmony. They all enjoy going out and about meeting people and seeing new things.

Ruth has always worked with horses and holds equestrian qualifications. Her experience includes many different capacities such as working for one of the UKs leading stud farms (Twemlows), teaching with the RDA (riding for the disabled UK) and helping clients regain lost confidence with horses.  She has also travelled extensively on horseback – including a self organised three month trip across Mongolia and several, more local ventures across parts of France. In her free time she competes in showjumping with Super Ted and is hoping to compete Rosie once she finds big enough ladders to get on !

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